CSI Outdoor Challenge Course

Indoor Challenge Course

Outdoor Program

Outdoor Challenge Course

The outdoor course is nestled in a park-like setting adjacent to the main campus, and is the largest pole ropes course west of the Mississippi. Built to accommodate groups from 10 to 300 in size, the course offers low elements from 12 feet to close to the ground, and high elements up to 50 feet. Each program hosted on the outdoor course is designed to approach learning in an extraordinary setting, building a foundation for transference of new skills, language, strategies, and knowledge into the workplace and daily living. Through the utilization of games, initiatives, and elements that are both physically and intellectually challenging, an enhanced awareness and/or constructive behavior change can result.

The course consists of:

  • 21 high elements
  • 13 low elements
  • 100+ games, portables and initiatives

Who can benefIt from a Challenge Course Experience?

Businesses and Corporations
School Programs
Community Organizations
Religious Groups
Athletic Teams
Families & Friends

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