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Challenge Course T-shirt are available for $6. Customized T-shirt with group name and CSI Eagle are available for $10. Please contact Christa Gessaman at cgessaman@csi.edu or 208-732-6697

Philosophy / Mission

What I hear, I forget. What I see, I remember. What I do, I know. ~ Confucius

We passionately believe that true learning comes from experiencing the world around us, whether through facing personal fears, engaging in shared experiences, or discovery through new adventures. The mission at the CSI Challenge Program is to not direct the journey, but rather to aid the learning process. Through seeing,
thinking, communicating, and experiencing, we find that we gain a better understanding of ourselves, others, and how we view the world. The course is only wood, steel, and man-made materials; it is what is inside each one of us that makes the experience meaningful and real.

The CSI Challenge Program facilitates under the philosophy of "Challenge by Choice." This principle reinforces the power an individual has in choosing how they participate during a program, creating a culture that respects individual choice while also encouraging personal growth, stepping out of one's comfort zone, and committing to thinking "outside the box."

Because each participant brings to the course their own unique share of experiences and knowledge, we celebrate the fact that a "challenge" differs for every individual. Therefore, we choose to empower participants through positive reinforcement, specific desired learning outcomes (DLO's) for the day, and cater to each person's needs and goals so they can have a personal and collective experience while on the course.