CSI Student Recreation Center

Hours of Service

  Mon.-Thurs. 4:30am - 10:30pm  
  Fri. 4:30am - 10pm  
6am - 8pm
  Sun. 7am - 6pm  

Open 360+ days a year


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Quality Assessment

  1. Facility is clean and comfortable.
  2. The facility is safe and free of potential hazards.
  3. The staff is friendly and welcoming.
  4. The staff is knowledgeable of policies and procedures.
  5. The staff provides quality customer service.
  6. The staff is available to help and answer questions.
  7. Strength equipment is clean.
  8. Strength equipment is safe.
  9. The hours of operation are adequate.
  10. Check out equipment is acceptable.
  11. Overall impression of the drop in fitness class.
  12. Overall impression of the facility.